Niagara Falls - USA/CANADA

During our stay in New York, we wanted to spend a day in Niagara-Falls. So we took a plane from LaGuardia Airport, early in the morning, towards Buffalo. We rented a car at Alamo. 

All this was cheaper than booking a group tour (offered by travel agency).

Upon arriving, we had a choice between several pay parking, we paid $10 for the day.

Then we went on foot towards the Falls. Rely on the noise! We immediately felt the power of water by seeing and hearing the waterfalls. The landscape is very impressive to see.

But ... I must say I was pretty disappointed with the landscape next to the Falls. Huge resorts, on Canadian side (as you can see in the picture above). I thought the Falls were in the wild. Then we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe for after our walking trip!

We were flying around 7:00 PM, but it was delayed and we finally landed in New York around 11:00 PM.    
Big day but it was worth it!

Treasure of Travelers' autor

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