Top 3 - Restaurants Sanibel, Florida - USA

TOP 3 of my favorite restaurants
 in Sanibel & Captiva Island

3rd position goes to ... Doc Ford's Sanibel Rum Bar & Grill
Many readers know of Sanibel Island as the main setting for many fictional crime novels written by local bestselling author Randy Wayne White. Popular locales are referenced throughout his novels. White's main fictional character is named Doc Ford and due to his popularity, White opened a popular restaurant in his character's namesake.

To see more: official website
 2nd position goes to ... Lazy Flamingo 
Ideal to come there with your family. From Seafood to Hamburgers, it will satisfied all the family and for a good price! You can see the cook from your seat. It's also a typical decoration and I love the doors of the restroom (one for Mermaid, and the other for Pirates hihihi)!

Official Wedsite:

1st position goes to ... The Island Cow
What I especially liked about this restaurant is the atmosphere! 
The food is very good, the dishes are HUGE (look at my plat) and very small price!
People are at your disposal and they take care of you! The decoration is very extravagant (cows everywhere). 

Go there you will not be disappointed!

Official website:
HUGE plat ever!! OMG, fortunately, they gave me a box to take with me... 

 Treasure of Travelers' autor

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