Collecting prehistoric sharks teeth! Venice Beach, Florida

It’s what you can do in Venice Beach!  Me on the main dock of Venice Beach

We went there for the afternoon from Sanibel Island (1h30). The weather was not good this day but we really wanted to find some teeth ...

They may be black, brown, or gray, depending on the minerals in the soil in which they have been buried. They range in size from one eighth inch to three inches, and on rare occasions more!! The shape of the teeth of each species is distinct. Go to Venice Municipal Beach, to have more chance to find them.

Sharks have 40 or more teeth in each jaw. Behind the functional rows or teeth are seven other rows of teeth developing into mature dentures to replace teeth as they are shed or lost. Florida was under water millions years ago, so you can find fossils of other marine creatures too.
My advice: take a little fool of beach and go in the water and stay where the waves break. Dip the fool in the sand and sort.

Good luck! Unfortunately, I did not find! Due that it was raining and the sea was raging that day, so we did not really want to put the foot on the water. You can also try to find on the sand.

You can eat at the restaurant near the dock, there is a pirate's boat at the entrance. Seafood and sandwich!

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