Need some "desert" in your life... Go to Bardenas, Spain

Bardenas Reales desertvast area of ​​42,000 ha between Tudela and Carcastillooffers unique landscapes in Europecharacterized by a unique vegetation and by impressive rock formations caused by erosion.

Since 1951 hosting the Bardenas an army base Spanish Airwhose presence in this area of outstanding natural very quickly opposed by the local people who frequently against further military activities (

Unforgettable hotel...
Name: Aire de Bardenas - Carretera de Ejea de los Caballeros,Tudela, Spain

All rooms at this design hotel include a flat screen television, bathrobe and slippersThey are completely soundproofedThe Hotel has a patio filled with treesThe restaurant serves fresh vegetables from Tudela and the hotel gardenThe Ebro Navarre and the Riviera are both near the hotelMany institutions wineries and monasteries are located nearby. The hotel offers special bungalows with views of the Bardenas RealesOtherrooms have a private garden and or a large outdoor bath.

Rooms overlooking a wheat field - Window views of the rough Bardenas landscape. But, I can not sleep with the light of day! I love this huge open window on the landscape, but I wondered how can I sleep? Well there's an electric awning ocultant above the windowvery handy!

The hotel has his own restaurant with fresh vegetables. The taste was so good and the wine matched so perfectly!

My advice: turn off the light from your room and look at the sky at the evening from your windows - you will see beautiful stars!

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