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San Sebastian is a city in northern Spain, in the autonomous community of Basque Country. It is the capital of the province of Guipuscoa. This is a major tourist destination along the Cantabrian Sea, called the "Pearl of the Cantabrian" because of its beauty.

In the city center, there are many events (shows, songs, market, human statue). As soon as we plunge into the narrow streets, shops and restaurants make their show with typical products, clothing and famous tapas bars on the counters.

But at such an hour (11:30AM), nobody is in restaurants (too early), they prefer the rooftop bar sipping a cafe where as many grandmas and grandpas on park benches shaded, near town shows!

In San Sebastian, we came across as bakeries and some French as the string "Mie de Pain". We saw monuments to the beautiful architecture.

San Sebastianwhich has an oceanic climateis one of the rainiest cities in Spain! Temperatures are mild with an average of 15 ° CAccess to the city by roadhighways.

San Sebastian is one of the most touristic cities in Spain. Tourism is very important to the economy of this city. The main tourist activity is gastronomy. Three beaches ("Zurriola", "La Concha" and "Ondarreta"), the old town whose narrow streets without sidewalksin contrast to the wide avenues of the modern city and walks in the city center are other highlights of tourism in San Sebastian.

My advice: go there soon in the Morning to enjoy the charm of the pedestrian streets.

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