Comfort is it really important? (on plane)

Welcome on board!
Comfort is required!

When you travel to a country far away, the plane is a very useful and fast system of travel. What you can do to begin your trip well, because in my opinion, the journey begins when I leave home. First, you must be prepared and have thought about everything. Therefore, before each trip I make a checklist to be sure that I have taken everything!
Don't forget something!

A380 Singapore Airlines in 2010
- Wear comfortable clothes and not too tight jeans! Take a vest or sweater extra, because of air conditioning made it is cold quickly. If you wear flip-flops, planning to take a pair of socks, I often wear sock on the plane, because it's much more comfortable (of course my shoes are not far!).
- Provide antibacterial wipes: public places are the best places to find bacteria, therefore, these wipes can be very useful especially before starting your meal tray!
- Beauty products: moisturizer, makeup remover, toothpaste, toothbrushes...
- Head rest to protect your neck (available at all airports).
- Mask for your eyes to sleep as a baby (the airlines often provide on long flight)
- Earplugs (the airlines often provide)
- Books / Magazines
- Multimedia products: Game Console, IPhone, IPod with your own headphones...

A good plane is essential!
In general, destinations are served by several airlines which are very competitive. So, you can choose between two kind of airplane, most of the time. Let me tell you that between an A380 and a B747, it is easy to choose! The A380 is the best! You have more room for your legs than on an B747 ou A340 (in economy class), I traveled on it twice and it was a real pleasure, especially when you cruise for 10 hours and more. They are mostly new and well equipped. Certainly there is a difference of price but small, so it is best to compare offers from companies and you may be able to test the A380!

A380 AF Airlines in 2011

"And you, for you, how important is the comfort when you travel? 
Have you ever traveled on the A380? What do you think?"

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