Cry me a "Brisbane" river

The Brisbane River is the longest river in south east Queensland, Australia, and flows through the city, before emptying into Moreton Bay. As of 2012 the Brisbane River is crossed by 16 major bridges (new second Gateway Bridge), including the historic Story Bridge and the tolled Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges. 

There are two other major bridges upstream west of Brisbane, on the D'Aguilar Highway and the Brisbane Valley Highway. The Clem Jones Tunnel, opened in 2010, is the river's first underground crossing for road transport. 

The Brisbane River is home to a very large population of bull sharks, thus swimming is not advised due to the dangers imposed by this predatory fish. Ipswich City Council warns against swimming as far up as Colleges Crossing. There have been three recorded shark attack deaths in the river (1880, 1901 and 1921), and one other unconfirmed death of an Aboriginal boy in 1862. The shark can be aggressive, grow up to 3 m in length and is unusual for a shark species because it can inhabit water containing less than 50% seawater.


The CityCat service runs along the Brisbane River between Apollo Road in the suburb of Bulimba in the east and the University of Queensland at St Lucia, via South Bank and the Brisbane CBD. The network consists of 15 stops and passes locations such as New Farm Park, Kangaroo Point,Queensland University of Technology, South Bank, Toowong and West End. 

The popular CityCat vessels are catamarans. Services began in 1996 with 6 vessels, each capable of carrying 150 passengers, with two further vessels being added to the CityCat fleet in 1998 due to increased demand. 

The service carried near 3 million passengers in 2004! The CityCat service has recently received the addition of WiFi internet access on board, because of a partnership with the University of Queensland. Anybody with a UQConnect account will be able to access the internet.

It is super easy to take the CityCat, and I love the landscape, in fact it is not given to everyone to go to work or shopping by catamaran! Of course, you can also go by bus! It is cheaper to buy a subscription card to have discounts (

And, I haven't seen Bull Sharks!

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