Feed Kangaroos, Cuddle Koalas...

Located in the Brisbane suburb of Fig Tree Pocket and founded in 1927, it is the world's oldest and largest Koala Sanctuary. The sanctuary began with two koalas called Jack and Jill! Wildlife in the sanctuary includes: koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, wombats, echidnas, and various species of reptiles, as well as a platypus which arrived at the sanctuary during 2010 from Melbourne. 
There are also many colorful Australian parrots and cockatoos, as well as other Australian birds such as kookaburras, emus, cassowaries among others.

#Best things to do there

Take a Koala in your arms!
The sanctuary is one of the very few sanctuaries in the world where visitors are actually allowed to hold koalas for a fee. Strict regulations ensure that each koala is not held for more than thirty minutes every day.

What must you do for hugging a Koala?
1. Stand facing a koala handler.

2. Place your hands on top of each other and in front of your body at your waist height.

3. Keep your hands together while the handler places a koala on you. Don't MOVE!

4. Support the koala's weight by standing still and have your hands under the koala at all times. The Koala think that you are its tree. So play your role!

Feed the Kangaroos!
Visitors can also feed and pet the free-roaming kangaroos in the five acre open-plan kangaroo reserve, where more than 130 of the animals freely reside (Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Red Kangaroo, Swamp wallaby, Red neck Wallaby & some friendly Emus)

Food can be purchased from the general store located across from the koala cuddle area.
Kangaroos are sometimes seen with a joey in their pouch! I wasn't lucky enough...

You could also  Hold a snake, see the Sheep Dog Show and the Bird of Prey Show.

How to go there?
There is an entrance to the sanctuary from a car park, and also an entrance to the sanctuary from the Brisbane River. 
  • By private car or taxi ($20~$40), a journey of approximately 20 minutes from the City. 
  • By Brisbane Transport bus: bus number 445 leaves from stop 40 Adelaide Street / bus number 430 leaves from Platform B4, Queen Street bus station. Adult fares are $4.70 and children, pensioners and students are $2.40 (with valid I.D.).
  • By ferry from the Queensland Cultural Centre pontoon, a journey of approximately 1½ hours.

It was the first time that I walk with animals and it was amazing, I have no word to describe it, just that I want to return cuddling and feeding my new friends!

Best place to be for an afternoon with kids and for fun! They will also like the little farmhouse where there are pigs, chickens, donkeys, sheep... When I went there, I've seen dogs that come to be born just before! They were so small!

For prices and hours: click here

"Have you ever been there? What did you feel?"

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