Road Trip: Car's ready?

Car's ready?
The car is one thing not to be neglected. Indeed, if you are driving a few thousand miles, it is better that the car is in good condition and made by a known brand throughout the country where you will drive, as in case of failure you will have more luck to find a mechanic who can replace the damaged piece! 
If you need to make repairs, think that there is enough time to get everything ready the D-Day.

First, a walk around inspection:
Wiper Blades - Inspect the condition of the blade material (it should be soft and pliable) for cracks or separation from the blade retainer.
Lights - Check the turn signals, headlights and brake lights. As a small dot on the headlights, they are mandatory in most countries of Central Europe and Italy on the roads what they are.
Tires - Check tires for excessive or uneven wear and tire pressure. It’s important to check the tire pressure when the tires are cold.
Refer to your book for maintenance audits sharper: liquid levels, candles, alternator belt ...

A few things to have in a car: insurance, vest, lamp, triangle, first aid kit!

Plan your trip in advance! It's up to you, but it is always more convenient to learn about countries and provide accommodation. Indeed, laws are not the same in all countries, for example, about the alcohol. In Central Europe it is equal to 0g. Basically, not even a beer before driving!
In France, motorways are not free (probably the most expensive in Europe), in Germany it's free. In the countries of Central Europe: Czech Rep, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia ... You have to pay a thumbnail. After the border, go into the first gas station and buy one. There are different in each country and their validity depends on the price (4 days, 5 days, 10 days). Mostly, the shorter will cost about 10€ (about $12). So it is important to know it to make your budget trip.

The day before the departure
We take our vehicle to be washed, inside and out, everything must be spotless, and sucked bricked ... enough to make the trip much more enjoyable in a car that smells clean.
It is full of gas! What is done is well done, hold it for you is, besides.

The D-Day
We load the bags, we must ensure balance loads and if possible to keep the visibility of the rear window. If you have a roof box, attention to the overload that may warp your car and engender an overconsumption of gasoline. No heavy meal before you go, no alcohol of course, and attention to certain drugs to soporific effects. Finally, relax, the holidays can begin! 

Have fun! 

«Oh, and I put with me some "Road Trip Snacks", like fruits or cereals bar ... 
I will cut an apple and a pineapple - or two - and will put them in a box, and it's gone! 

I've chosen these colors because I'm going to Italy! As you already, maybe, know...

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