What I hate & love about RoadTrip

Road trip on the oven

My Road Trip in Europe will begin next week; I have planned the entire trip (accommodations, cities stop and cost). My travels begin always like this that I like and hate… 

J I love...
- Compare what hotels can offer us, at the best price and with the best quality. Always refundable!
- Explore the places before go there to find the best sights, which will create amazing memories.
- Think about what I will do, test, eat… I dream!

L I hate…
- Hesitate between some hotels, because a lot of them can offer the same services. And sometimes I have made the wrong choice! But life is too short to have regret!
- Wait! Before the D-Day, it is dreadful for me, I am too impatient to see everything I dreamed, and my whole organization, which will work great!

Why I chose a Road Trip?

1 Easy to plan and at the last minute! I love make my bag and go! You plan it according to your taste and budget. To plan your own Road Trip is always cheaper.
2 You can stop to marvel at the scenery and when you want and where you want, it is no possible with a Guide Tour! Freedom!
3 For a moment you can be a real travel agent and reap the benefits after the trip. The joy I felt while traveling, brings me a lot and makes me want to retry the experiment and I'm already looking to the next in a small corner of my head!

Maybe you want to know where my Road Trip will take place? 
And well, in South of Europe, in Italy, and also a few part in France. 

3125 km (1942 miles)
31 hours of driving (2 drivers)
10 days
4 cities (+2 stops)
1,000,000 pictures!

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