Things to do in Bahamas

Things to do in Bahamas

The Versailles Garden is one of the most popular attractions which is completely free of charge and open 24 hours a day.
The entirety of Paradise Island was once owned by Huntington Hartford, who purchased a set of Cloisters and statues from an estate in California, originally purchased from France and brought them to this garden. The pieces did not arrive at the Versailles Garden with any instruction on their original arrangement or set up, and it wasn't until 1962 that Huntington employed Jean Castre-Manne to reassemble the pieces in the Versailles Gardens.

The pieces themselves are a collection of statues and art fragments dating from the twelfth-century. The Versailles Gardens also feature some unique flowers and plants, as well as a small temple facing the ocean and a gazebo facing Nassau Harbor that is often used for weddings and other events.
To reach Versailles Gardens, you will need to travel to Paradise Island. The garden is on the eastern part of the Island.

Before or after taking your Paradise Island tour of the gardens, you will also have time to stroll to the beach, but which one? My advice: try all! 
Me who did snorkeling, so fun!

Cable Beach (New Providence Island) easy access to shops, casinos, restaurants, watersports, and bars. It's a sandy 6.5km-long (4 miles) strip.

Cabbage Beach (Paradise Island) Think Vegas in the Tropics. It seems as though most of the sunbathers dozing on the sands here are recovering from the previous night's partying, and it's likely to be crowded near the mega-hotels, but you can find more solitude on the beach's northwestern extension (Paradise Beach), which is accessible only by boat or on foot. We went here all the time, it's very peaceful and you can do snorkeling quietly. Lined with palms, sea grapes, and casuarinas, the sands are broad and stretch for at least 3km (2 miles).

Great picture!

A lady who made some baskets

City Tour is compulsory! The town is beautiful, made of rainbow colors, as you can see on my pictures below. The city's architecture is very colonial. Downtown is the hub for all activities in Nassau. While the busiest part of Downtown is the Bay Street and the Woodes Rogers Walk, located across the street from the port and parallel to Bay. 
The next landmark is the British Colonial Hotel, which marks the beginning of Bay Street proper. Pirates of Nassau Museum is just across from the British Colonial Hilton. 
The next few blocks of Bay Street are wall-to-wall boutiques, with a few restaurants and clubs interspersed throughout the retailers. Famous historical landmarks are also in the vicinity, including Vendue House and the Christ Church Cathedral. Although the tourist part of Downtown peters out after about seven blocks, smaller, more local stores are found all the way down Bay Street.

The Bahamian Parliament, Nassau

In the streets, Nassau

Atlantis Paradise Island is a huge holiday complex consisting mainly of a water park, huge casino (the largest in the Caribbean), a luxury hotel of 2317 rooms, 11 pools, 17 restaurants and snack bars, a marina and an 18 hole golf course! It is located on Paradise Island. The hotel is the tallest building in the Bahamas and, with over 6,000 Bahamians working in, it is the second largest employer after the state. A second version even bigger and more luxurious of this complex had been opened in Dubai. You can find whatever you want there. The architecture is pretty impressive, even if you do not spend a night there, go check it out for free, and why not make a stop at Ben & Jerry's to savor a little sweet treat!

The HUGE Atlantis!

So Yummy and HUGE like the Atlantis!

Catamaran Cruise  Make an excursion to the discovery of an virgin island! The program of our cruise was: (
Sunday Cruise (5 hours) including Lunch $85 per person
Similar to the half day sailing and snorkeling cruise, but includes a visit to world-famous Rose Island beach and its gorgeous coral reefs. Choose your favorite activity: extra snorkeling, explore the island, tan on the beach or play volley-ball and games. Also includes a delicious BBQ ribs and chicken buffet with salads, Bahamian peas, rice and fruits. Served on board in comfort and shade. 

Sorry, for the quality of the picture but I did not have a great camera.
Try some Conch! Seafood is the staple of the Bahamian diet. Conch (pronounced "konk") is a large type of ocean mollusk that has firm, white, peach-fringed meat. Fresh, uncooked conch is delicious; the conch meat is scored with a knife, and lime juice and spices are sprinkled over the meat. 
It can also be deep-fried (called "cracked conch"), steamed, added to soups, salads and stews or made into conch chowder and conch fritters.  It is known for its alleged aphrodisiac properties.

"Cracked conch" at the restaurant of my hotel.
Laze around, after lunch, at the swimming pool of the Hotel.
 Treasure of Travelers' autor

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