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Coliseum of Romethe most popular attraction.
Rome is known worldwide especially for its ruins and coliseum. At every corner, there are old buildings or sculptures. This city represents, by itself, in ancient times of Europe. During two days, I've tried to discover all the charme of this city. Here are pictures of the sites I visited.

Piazza dei tribunali
Piazza Navona, where many artists display their paintings

The Pantheon (you can go inside for free)
Fresh fruits on the way to the Coliseum! It's too hot in Rome so give in to temptation!

Galleria Doria Pamphilj, Piazza del Collegio Romano.
Vittoriano, piazza Venezia. 
In the center of the monument rises the altar of the homeland, while inside the building there is the museum of the reunification of Italy. The monument and its huge staircase, is entirely of dazzling white marble.
Another park in Rome, in front of the Monumento a Garibaldi
Monumento a Garibaldi, piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi

View from the Villa LantePasseggiata del Gianicolo (just after the Monumento a Garibaldi)
Fountain of Trevi
It is customary to throw a coin in the right arm to the fountain before leaving Rome, a superstition associated with the fountain is that whoever made ​​this gesture is sure to return to Rome to find this piece . However, the currency of this fountain is collected by the authorities and sent to charity, which share almost one million euros per year. Every morning, before the arrival of tourists, the flow of water is off. The fountain is cleaned with a brush!
Statue from the Villa Borghese's park
This is a city park of 80 hectares, which includes a large set of Roman museums and cultural institutions, including the Académie de France in Rome, best known as the Villa Medici. This park is the largest built in Rome since ancient times.

Statue in the park of Villa Borghese
Pantheon, via Palombella (you can go inside)
El Vaticano
It is home of the pope and was one of the most powerful cities of antiquity (the old world). Rome is the capital city of Italy and has 2.8 million people. The enclave Vatican City is in the north-west. 
Piazza Citta Leoninia

Views of Rome by night from the Pincio on the top of the Piazza del Popolo:

Ruins of Rome, just before the Coliseum
(view from the first balcony of the Monumento a Vittorio Emmanuele II)
Castel Sant'Angelo
Trinità del Monti, piazza di Espagna with its fountaine

During my stay in Rome, I saw a lot of very impressive monuments. I tasted the local specialities, but I'll show you all this in another articleWhat impressed me the most negatively, it was the poor condition of cars! If you value your car, does not come to Rome for too long because I have not seen one of them which was not damaged. Moreover, the streets are crowded and the heat of July is getting worse this feeling of suffocation. Luckily, there are huge parks like Villa Borghese to a "green walk"!

Visit the store where Pinocchio is born (near the Fountain of Trevi, in a small street)

And you have you ever been there? What are your feeling about this city?

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