3 Things in the city I love: Brisbane

3 Things in the City I love...

I spent three months in Brisbane, Queensland, and it sounds very special for me to write this post, because my illness of traveling began there.

In Brisbane, I love its publics parks BBQ! The first time, I saw BBQs in publics parks, I was very surprised and admiring. This allow us the opportunity to gather around typical lunch as sausages, chips and australian beer. Sharing times are always in a traveler mind and with such great moments, travel don't have to stop. My favorite spot is in front of the City Center on this other side of the river. The view is amazing. If you are going to use a BBQ, please leave it clean as it was.
Rate: free
Where: Brisbane

In Brisbane, I love Parklands, a man-made beach with 4,000m3 of sand (patrolled 24/7 by lifeguards). Brisbie (aka Brisbane) is located on the East Coast, but not next to the sea. So if you want to put your feet on the sand and jump in the water, this is the place to be! The best moment is for the Australian Day. Movies are broadcasted in front of the lagoon, you have to just relax on the pool and watch! In Parklands, there are also some restaurants, a Big Wheel, the Nepal Peace Pagoda (for meditation and making a wish) and 443 curling steel columns covered in bougainvilleas.
Rate: free
Where: 1 Parkland Blvd  Brisbane QLD 4000, Australie

In Brisbane, I love Lone Pine. Have you never dream to cuddle koala and fondle kangaroo? There you can! Located in Brisbane suburb, it's the world's oldest and largest Koala Sanctuary. All began with two koalas: Jack and Jill in 1927. Its wildlife includes also: tasmanian devils, wombats, echidnas, reptiles, birds. To take a koala in your arms, you have to follow some rules:
  1. Stand facing a koala handler.
  2. Place your hands on top of each other and in front of your body at your waist height.
  3. Keep your hands together while the handler places a koala on you. Don't MOVE!
  4. Support the koala's weight by standing still and have your hands under the koala at all times. The Koala think that you are its tree. So play your role!
  5. SMILE!
Visitors can also feed and pet the free-roaming kangaroos in the five acre open-plan kangaroo reserve, where more than 130 of the animals freely reside. Food can be purchased from the general store located across from the koala cuddle area. Kangaroos are sometimes seen with a joey in their pouch! I wasn't lucky enough...  Kids will also like the little farmhouse where there are pigs, chickens, donkeys, sheep... When I went there, I saw dogs that just born! They were so small!
Rate: Adult-$33AUD / Children $22AUD
Where: 708 Jesmond Road, Fig Tree Pocket, Queensland

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5 Responses to “3 Things in the city I love: Brisbane”

  1. I love the Southbank area of Brisbane too. Perfect for travelling with kids!

  2. I think it is the "lung" of the city!

  3. Lone Pine sounds great. I would love to be able to touch a koala, and kangaroo.


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