3rd STOP: Maranello, Italy - RoadTrip

Enzo Ferrari 's office 

All car enthusiasts and motor racing know the reputation of this city. This is where was born the prestigious brand Ferrari and this is where a lot of enthusiasts gather to visit the Museum of Enzo Ferrari and the Museum of the famous brand. Impossible for us to make a road trip in Italy without going through this mythical city! So I warn you, this article has no photo of mountain scenery, blue sky or ocean view, but the photos below will no doubt marvel at more than one!

Ferrari Museum
Via Dino Ferrari 43 – 41053 Maranello
Control Panel - Pitstop
Michael Schumacher won, with this tyre, the Japanese  Grand Prix in 2003.
As if you were there ..

The Hall of Formula 1, amazing!
Ferrari's employees who have finished their workday.

As soon as we left the museum, we attended a gathering of French and Swiss brought their Ferrari from Paris to Maranello, for a Road Trip! Amazing! 

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In the "valley of the engine" there are some excellent gastronomic stops. In fact, this is the area of ​​production of balsamic vinegar, and Parmesan. We ate in a restaurant in Modena (20 minutes from Maranello), we were surprise by the balsamic vinegar which was excellent and not as usually. Its texture is less liquid and its flavor more fruity. The restaurant sell it so I bought a bottle for me and others for my family, this is the real balsamic! 
Great thing to bring with you from Italy!

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2 Responses to “3rd STOP: Maranello, Italy - RoadTrip”

  1. On our honeymoon we went to a ferrari show in Montreal Quebec, it was phenomenal to see so many beautiful rides all together in one place.
    I always love a good car post

    1. Thanks Eva! I'm glad to know that you have enjoyed my post!
      It was pretty awesome to see as much Ferrari! But this is where they are born! Have a good day in France!



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