4th STOP: Cinque Terre, Italy

The authenticity of the region of Cinque Terre (five lands) win over me. Everything looks easier there. The scenery is made ​​of colors and old style buildings. Don't buy postcards, you can make yours with your camera, real postcard is in front of you! 

We stayed for three days and this is, unfortunately, not quite enough to see all the corners. 
You want to taste the real Italy, then go to the Cinque Terre! No matter what village you stay, everything is connected. 
The mediterranean atmosphere will make your stay extraordinary and well away from the bustle of the best known resorts. Wait, I do not say that soaking in a chic hotel does not suit me, but stay away from it all does not hurt sometimes ... no?
"Colors" is the main word there in Cinque Terre!
The crystalline sea bottom calls us, we dive?
Little town on our way to Bonassola, called Volastra. It was almost 2:00pm, so nobody outside due to heat and custom begin each afternoon after a nap!
Levanto far away...

Glimpse at Cinque Terre, in some pics...

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