DIY: "Flag" your desk!

This morning, I wanted something new on my desk and I had this idea. Show countries where I went, I needed a thing which could summarize them ... I decided to Flag my desk! 

You could do the same at home, you need only that: 
paper flags (chose their proportion), chisel, glue, picks (I use it for BBQ!).

How did I do?
  1. First of all, you have to print your flags. So, go to the internet and enter on Google the country you are expected to. Copy the file and open it on a word processor. After that, duplicate the picture and position it next. You have now two flags one beside the other. Do the same for all the flags and print the file.
  2. Scissor the flags without disjoint the twin.
  3. Put on the back of the flag some glue and insert the pick in the middle. Close up. And it's done!

I have recorded a video to show you in details how you can Flag your desk! Hope you will enjoy and don't forget to join my on my new channel on Youtube! 
More followers, More videos of my trips!

I put them on a vase with fluorescent stones, I can't wait the night to see the result! There is an glimpse just for you:

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