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For this second Friday Guest Interview, let me introduce to you, Mike, founder of
You are in search of the best deal to travel as you want and where you want, Travelmazing is made for you! In his website, Mike provides you his travel stories, tips, tricks and also great deals unearthed on the web. To know more about his story, have a look...

Treasure Autor: First to know more about you, could you please tell us for what reason have you begun a travel blog?
Mike: I am obsessed with finding cheap flights and great travel deals and because of my obsession and continuous hunt for great deals I have been able to travel the world on an ever frequent basis. At a certain point I was getting text messages from friends asking: 
Mike, you in the country today?  
Its then when you know you are a travelholic.
The reason why I started Travelmazing was because I had some many stories to tell and great deals to share and mainly 
people asking me to help them find good deals that I thought: 
Why not put it all together under 1 roof...
And that’s how Travelmazing was born.

T.A.:  What was your best memory from one of your travels and Why?
Mike: There are a lot of moments I could share. I think that the best moments in travel are to be found in the smallest things: Earlier this year I flew from Amsterdam to Singapore, as I arrived in the evening time I got to my hotel room and as I looked outside through the window and as the sun was setting I just stood there for at least 30 minutes watching Singapore come to life at night.

T.A.:  How do you find such great travel deals (mentioned on your blog)?
Mike: I take some time out of my day, every day - and simply search. I have been doing this for a very long time so I know where to look and what to look for so it isn’t as time consuming as
it used to be. For Travelmazing however, I only post really great deals on there, as I want to give real value to people and give people the opportunity to travel to places they didn’t know they could afford to fly to.

T.A.:  On your website, you give a lot of tips, but if you had to give an advice to a traveler who could change his way of traveling, what would it be?
Mike: Never just land, always arrive!

T.A.:  At this point, if I give you a blank ticket, what would be your destination?
Mike: You know what, normally I would say Asia, but since you are paying for it I would love to spend some time in South America: Belize, Honduras, Argentina.
(So just let me know when I can pick up my ticket!!)

"Everyday is a journey and the journey itself is home."
Mike, founder of

His community on facebook and twitter is increasing, so if you want to be in it do not hesitate, good advice and bargains await you. You can find also some videos on his YouTube channel
If you have any further questions about, please leave him in the comments box below.

To conclude, Mike with this contribution, you do increase the pool of Treasure of Travelers' interviews and I want to thank you for this interview and for your kindness. For sure, your next journey will be awesome, and I'm waiting to learn more and more with your tips! 

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