Hiking in the Pyrénées: Need a Green Escape? #PhotoEssay

This time, I ventured into one of the most massive known in Europe, the Pyrenees, in France. More precisely the Lakes of Bious Artigues (see it on Google).

From the first hour of walking, I could admire the verdant plains and I began to see the mountains. It felt like on another planet, I had never seen a wild and natural beauty so close.
After two hours of walking, a little lunch break was imposed. Of course around a lake! I could not stop there way! I continued a few minutes before reaching the main lake. there is a refuge for hikers to rest, drink cool water and sometimes even spend the night.

On the way back, I met some sheep, accustomed to the presence of hikers because it was not at all frightened. This day was also very rewarding and exhausting (it must be said!).

All nature lovers and wild corners must do this hike, they will find true green landscape and a breath of fresh air. 

As to the march, I discovered lakes whose colors blended perfectly with the scene, a real postcard.

The lake is dominated by the Pic du Midi d'Ossau. It is also the starting point of many hiking routes:
  • Around the Lake-Bious Artigues: 1 hour walking accessible to all.
  • Around Lakes Ayous: about 5 hours of walking, for good walkers.
  • Around the Pic du Midi d'Ossau: about 8 hours for experienced hikers.

This summer you can take a tour boat and canoe from June 15 to September 15!

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