It's by making mistakes that we learn!

During my travels I have rarely hesitated between a paper map and a GPS, but for my Road Trip to Italy, I opted for a simple map, who knows why! And although this has been the simple and final time!
You should know that, in Italy, highways craft the country and this appears fairly simple to move from East to West, so I did not ask too much of the utility of my GPS before leaving.
What you need to know, and first thing I have learned about Italy, is that the panels are scarce around the cities! Therefore, the usefulness of a GPS! After getting nowhere for a few minutes, in Rome, Pisa and Girona, I finally plugged my cell phone and GPS & in the same time my internet connection! And yes, the bill was very salty and it would have cost me less to buy an update for my GPS!

It is by making mistakes that we learn! 

So, unless you know exactly the places where you go, I suggest you put the odds on your side, so that everything goes well. It can become a big headlock, and it is not what we want in a road trip, is not it?

A final word of advice. If you visit Rome this summer, watch out for toll stations. As you know, there is (as everywhere) a "TELEPASS" - subscription to highways, this allows you to move faster without paying directly. The signs indicating the paths to take (for subscribers) are not at all accurate!

So I was driving happy to take the highway to Modena when I realized that I was in the lane reserved for members "TELEPASS" without the possibility of disengaging myself because of fairways are surrounded by low walls! I pulled to the side, warnings on, and after explaining my mistake to the road staff, I found myself with a security pass, scribble on a piece of paper. I had to give this to the next toll exit in pushing the "Help Button"! I did not pay extra. Thankfully! And again, I thank the team of the toll of Modena which was very comprehensive! But they explained me that I was not the only person to do this!

So drive carefully!

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