Olympics Games 2012: Opening Ceremony in London

The Queen became Bond girl!
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The Olympic Games bring together each time people of all nations worldwide. This is a competition, but above all, a moment of exchange. So what did you do last night? I was impressed with the show that gave us the Great Britain and especially Danny Boyle. With a budget of around € 34 million, he offered us various artistic paintings, which were beautiful and very impressive. A number of spectacular scenes highlighting the country's most-famous fictional figures were shown during the star-studded event. They were 7.500 amateur performers!
In a scene filmed in advance and screened for the first time, James Bond (aka Daniel Craig) arrives at Buckingham Palace in a dinner jacket, striding past the corgis towards the royal study.“Good evening Mr Bond,” says the Queen, before they leave together, in a helicopter! Back in real time, to laughter and delight from the crowd, “the Queen” followed by “Bond”, parachuted from a helicopter towards the arena! La surprise était très réussit! A few seconds later, the real Queen and Prince Philip arrived with a standing ovation. The Queen’s role still left the audience awe-struck both in the stadium and around the world, I think!
In another surprise was Rowan Atkinson, playing Mr Bean, who loads of laughs as he joined Sir Simon Rattle conducting the theme from Chariots of Fire.

Then came the final surprise as Britain’s greatest Olympian Sir Steve Redgrave ran into the stadium holding the torch to be greeted by seven young athletes. It was the young athletes who each lit one of the copper petals which had been brought into the stadium with the teams. 

Within moments over 200 of the petals were ablaze and rose up 
to form a spectacular cauldron.   

In order to benefit those who could not attend this wonderful moment, I've made a video montage from my living room ...

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