Scottish' stereotypes

Stores are also for dogs!
Right now and the summer heat settled on my little piece of France. With temperatures near 38 degrees Celsus, I needed to refresh myself. But not having a pool villa ... hahaha I decided to escape the only way I know, traveling. More precisely in remembering a trip to Scotland, made ​​last Christmas. And to be more precise in South Scotland, Edinburgh

There are many stereotypes and prejudices on this piece of island, but do it reflect the reality?

Chilly climate (rain, greyness, cold)
I went to Edinburgh in December, so winter was already well established in Europe at this time, I did not expect to find a big blue sky! But, I will not lie to you: when I arrived, the plane almost did not land because of a snowstorm that was coming. There was a lot of wind, I saw the waves formed on the sea, by my window. The plane was first attempted to land but the wind was too strong, so it takes off again without even arise. My stomach was in bad shape at that time! But all ended well and I arrived in Edinburgh without any scratches! The snow has settled on the first day, which gave its charm to this city. Architecture is Gothic trend, then you can imagine how it was with snow and Christmas decorations. Beautiful!

The Beach! Yes, it's true.

The famous kilt (with or without underwear?)
If you want to dress up or just wear a kilt, is simple here in Edinburgh. All stores sell it but prices and qualities vary. Just before arriving at Edinburgh Castle (great visit), there is a small store on the right. It is also a former workshop converted into a museum, for free. You will find beautiful kilts and a whole bunch of other clothes, to buy.
Regarding to the second point: "they are naked under their kilts". I did not reply. But be aware that this is a traditional garment worn for weddings (like the "smoking" for us). Traditionally, it must be brought "naked", without underwear. But there is no obligation and of course discretion is placed on the wearing or not underwear. Between us, I was told that the sacred tradition was often more respected by people a little more aged ...

Normally, she goes along with the kilt! In the streets of Edinburgh, its sound is everywhere thanks to singers on the streets. You can also find many music compilations of local bands.

Green landscapes
On the outskirts of the town, fields and hills shape the landscape. With the snow it gives an air of forgotten land. Edinburgh is not a flat city. Its castle, surrounded by ramparts, overhang the city on a hill. When I was there, there was the Christmas market, small wooden shacks were in the foreground, and in the second we saw the very gothic castle covered in snow. This is all the authenticity of a place that suffers from certain stereotypes. It was beautiful.

Edinburgh with Christmas lights.
Haggis: eat or hate?
Haggis is a kind of savoury pudding containing sheep's pluck (heart, liver and lungs), minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, and traditionally encased in the animal's stomach and simmered for approximately three hours. Most modern commercial haggis is prepared in a sausage casing rather than an actual stomach. Yes, it's not very appetizing, but try was a great experience for me! Now I know how it is. It hope to you to try... 

Scottish are redhead
Redheads are approximately 4% of the European population. Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads, 13% of the population has red hair, and about 40% of people carry the recessive gene carrying the freckles (according to Wikipedia). In the streets of Edinburgh, I have not saw as much! Nowadays,  fashion is to have red-haired, it's pretty difficult to rely on the stereotype that says: if you are ginger you are Scottish, right?

I hope this trip to Scotland has allowed you to get away a little!

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