Travel"Dog", a new job? How to travel with your pet?

Be a TravelDog,new job?
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Sometimes this is not easy, to leave our pet before a trip. In summer, I am so sad when I see dogs along highways, abandoned by their masters. There is no word to describe these acts. They are animals but when we do not feel well, they are there and merely seeing their beautiful little face, they give us back our smile, is not it? Sometimes, having a pet is not an advantage but there are other solutions rather than condemning them to wander, and who knows, maybe, to die.
From the moment that we have a dog, we should know that one is committed for several years. This is not a toy and he has needs, like us. The abandonment is a crime. The animal, HE will never abandon his master...

The first thing to know is: If I leave (sick, vacation, business meeting ...), where will he/she go? Family? friends? Often the first alternative is the family because they know the animal and you have a blind faith in them. They will take good care of your little beast.
Source: via Treasure on Pinterest
If you have no one to whom the trust, you can entrust a nanny! There are many home dedicated to dogs around the world and for many years, have become a real business. Hotel, walk, home visit, the benefits are increasing. But be careful. Professional practice in relation to animals requires specialized knowledge and a sense of responsibility, no question of entrusting your beloved pet to someone who does not know the animal kingdom, which considers the walk to dog and cat care as an extra job! Take the time to learn and chose the best animal center, you will leave more serene and you will find your friend, in top form to your return! Some must find it incredible, paying "holiday" to his animal, but many people have no choice and I must say I prefer it to abandon, do not you? Moreover, in certain pensions animals are placed in cages no bigger than a cardboard box. It is obvious that prices are not the same, but the hotels are becoming more numerous on the market, so free play of competition!

The last, but not the least solution, it's to take your dog with you. Of course, you can not make the same trips with a big dog and small. Judge for yourself, if you could have a good time or if it will turn into lice ordeal both! If you choose this option, you will have to pack not only your suitcase but also his.

Most important Pet travel tips
- His/her passport. In some countries, regulations exist to pets. I suggest you to have a look at their websites before you go. For example, dogs (and cats) must now be fitted with a European passport to travel freely within the European Union countries (except Sweden, Ireland, Malta and the UK which impose measures). The European passport for dogs is an official document, issued by a veterinarian only. This passport provides all necessary information (identification by microchip or tattoo, vaccines, medical history, ...). The Pet Travel Scheme ("PETS") is a system which allows animals to travel easily between member countries without undergoing quarantine. Over time the scheme has rolled out to other countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Ask your veterinarian.
- Find accommodations which allow pets (sometimes, you have to pay a supplement).
Customize the comfort of your car based on the number of hours away. Make it a cozy nest for him to stay throughout the trip. Remember to make pee-stops to stretch your legs and take the opportunity to give him a drink (these tips also apply to you! Hahaha).
- Take with you his/her: food, treats, bottles of water, mess kit, an old towel, toys, medications (& insect repellent) , plastic bags, leash. Maybe, I forgot something, let me know.

More information:
Airline Pet Travel Policies, via (Love this website, so useful!)
Road Trip Planner to map your route and locate veterinarians along the way (US), via

Oh, I almost forgot... Let me introduce my outstanding & great friend, which has graciously made ​​the model for this article.
Browni, TravelDog professional 
Have you ever traveled with your pet? 
What do you think of a TravelDog?

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