Waiting in Airport with David Guetta's

Dancing in an Airport,really?

Airport travel has just become more interesting…and fun...

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Dancing in an airport? A session in DJ lounge? There has to Ibiza that it can happen. The royal couple of nights trendy, David and Cathy Guetta, invests the airport on the island of the Balearic clubbing. 

Their first airport lounge club was inaugurated on July, 17 in San Jose Airport. A bar of 250 m2 inclusive and imagined for one purpose: to keep the party start. 

Its name? "F *** I'm Famous Club Lounge" to get picked by the fever of Ibiza when you arrive at the airport. Cocktails, music, the San Jose airport is the first in terminal lounge and dance floor in the world!

Four environments are declined for 24 hours from dawn to the end of the night, around the colors red, white and black dress the place populated by hostesses, modern furniture shaped like stars and lips smiling, a large bar counter clean about ten meters, a small shop and the most fun to a dancefloor. There is run by a DJ, including Chris, Cathy's brother, from 9:30pm to 2:00am.

The atmosphere "electro-cozy" may be seen to be quickly forgotten travelers that they are in an airport! Fortunately, the panoramic view of the incessant aerial ballet from the airport and a discreet display reminding flight schedules leaving the island, the anchor bar in this place!

Especially, the bar will be open to all travelers, including families with children. This access was a condition of the project. "It's more fun to wait until the plane in such a bar where you can easily monitor its children rather than sitting in rows of onion in a large hall impersonal", said Cathy Guetta.

If access is free, rates are now fairly correct: espresso to € 3, a glass of rose to € 6, the alcoholic cocktail to 12, although most gamblers can opt for a bottle of champagne at € 400 anyway!

Source: google.fr via Treasure on Pinterest

So if you are going to experiment it, tell us what do you think!

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