12 reasons to travel

The purpose of one life is not only in one action but in many discoveries. This morning, I wondered, why all these people I've met on the web, travel. And me, why I love traveling? I never really asked that question and I must say I was pretty excited and proud to do this article. Some people have probably not the same views as me and this is quite normal, the world would be too sad otherwise, but I still want to share this with you. 
Some people rather hold up their whole life in the same place. Others think it's too hard, too much work, too stressful, too much money. They always find a great excuse not to take the step. A traveler is an open minded person so everyone must respect the choices of others and not judge them. 

To explain why I travel, I wrote this below on a piece of paper...
  1. Dream with landscapes
  2. Gain new friendship
  3. Talk about a country to others
  4. Learn about new cultures
  5. Do not regret the time spending on earth
  6. Try different way to travel: by plane, by train, by car, by foot, by boat, by bicycle...
  7. Plan a road trip on your own
  8. Marvel like a child to a new place
  9. Make memories with family and friends
  10. Share our trips to those who can't travel
  11. Write yourself the way he lived and be master of its destiny
  12. Be aware of what we already have


Write me, why you travel ...

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3 Responses to “12 reasons to travel”

  1. Yes that's all the reasons why we travel. Because I need to see what's out there.

    1. Yes Emiliz, and traveler are always thirsty for new adventures!

  2. Yes Emiliz, and traveler are always thirsty for new adventures!


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