Find yours ... in the North Spanish Coast - #TBEX Europe12

Some of you will, maybe, visit the Spain Coast this year and not just because the next gathering of world travel blogger will take place in Girona, in late September (see it on the TBEX Website). The TBEX's team already offers wonderful activities, check out their website: click here. It's free of charge if you participate in the conference, but the only firsts will be served!

I have visited some places near the spanish border, so I will summarize the 3 best things to visit in the North spanish coast, below.

The most Desertic ...

Bardenas Reales Desertvast area of 42,000ha between Tudela and Carcastillooffers unique landscapes in Europecharacterized by a unique vegetation and by impressive rock formations caused by erosion
See where I stayed to have an amazing night watching stars: click here.

The most Architectural ...

San Sebastian is a city in northern Spain, in the autonomous community of Basque Country. It is the capital of the province of Guipuscoa. This is a major tourist destination along the Cantabrian Sea, called the "Pearl of the Cantabrian" because of its beauty. Shops and restaurants make their show with typical products, clothing and famous tapas bars on the counters. go there soon in the Morning to enjoy the charm of the pedestrian streets. 

The most Wonderful ...
The PYRENEES  - see map

You can find a lot of hiking roads in the Pyrennees. Read my full article, about mine, which were in Bious Artigues Lakes: click here

If you have more time,

And for the most spiced trip... visit the Basque Country. Espelette is a french village, just 1 hour drive from San Sebastian, known for its chili. Originally from South America, it seems that the pepper was imported in 1650 by a Basque navigator who accompanied Christopher Columbus. Traditionally, the strings of peppers are hung on the facades of houses to dry. Today the Piment d'Espelette is the first and only spice in France with the PDO quality labels. You can taste and buy red chili all over the village and so typical products as spiced cheese, oil of chilli and a lot of other spiced products. Official website: click here.

So what will you do if you were in Spain?

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