Fireworks on the sky: August 2012

Watch out for stiff neck! 

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The "Nights' Stars" should offer, from tonight through Monday, a fabulous fireworks. Thousands of amateur astronomers will watch the shooting stars by night without moon and cloudless. The program the next three nights is set ... by the universe itself: Saturn and Mars in the early evening, then will appear the brightest stars, the "three beautiful summer" - Vega, Deneb and Altair - and finally, after midnight, will pour a shower of shooting stars, "Perseids"! For sure I will be on my balcony these evening, I hope that clouds will disappear quickly and that I will have chance to see this beautiful natural fireworks!

From 17 July to 24 August the Earth crosses in fact, as every summer, the trajectory of dust escaping from the comet Swift-Tuttle, which form streaks of light entering at a speed of about 210,000km/h in the atmosphere, where they are consumed. In the sky, they appear to come from the same point in the constellation Perseus, hence the name Perseid, and their appearance was listed as the year 36 in China and 811 in Europe.

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