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Friday's word with, Evan & Tracy

Evan and Tracy have been married since 2007 and together since 2000.  They have traveled extensively to 27 countries and believe that travel is what inspires them.  Learning about the world, its people and its cultures are what keep them traveling. 
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Treasure Autor: How did the Travels4Couples'adventure begin?
Evan & Tracy: We have always loved to travel.  In fact, our friends don’t ask us what we are up to anymore; instead they ask “Where are you going next?” Since we started traveling in the summer of 2005, we are always looking for where we could go next and when can we go there.  Being teachers in Canada has allowed us some great vacation time to travel, so we have travelled a lot since 2005. Over the years we have been asked by friends, family, and co-workers for travel advice because we are so experienced in traveling.  Eventually this led us to thinking there are others out there who could benefit from what we have learned in our travels and we were excited to be able to help people out and hopefully inspire them to travel!

T.A.: What is the best destination for a romantic stay?
E.&T. : We have been to many romantic destinations but recently we had the opportunity to go to French Polynesia.  This is a group of islands located in the South Pacific made famous for their stunning geography.  All volcanic islands, many are surrounded by a large coral reef abundant with sea life which creates a serene lagoon.  The changing depths of the water in the lagoon, creates a multitude of shades of blue from sapphire to azure to turquoise.  When we landed in Tahiti, the main island, we immediately boarded a ferry to the island of Moorea.  Words cannot describe the beauty of this island.  Lush tropical forests meeting white sand beaches and the blue lagoon made us speechless. 

From Moorea, we flew to Bora Bora which is an island made famous because of its lagoon.  Bora Bora’s main island is dominated by the jagged peaks of Mount Otemanu; however the geography has also created a ring of small islets called motus surrounding the main island.  We have never seen such a stunning and romantic location in all of our travels.

T.A.: What was the best experience to do for couples?
E.&T. : Our best experience relates to the above destination.  Since the lagoon in Bora Bora is not that deep, hotels are able to build bungalows over the water, called Overwater Bungalows.  These “rooms” were huge divided into a bedroom with king sized canopy bed, living room, and deluxe marble bathroom. 

Many of these Overwater Bungalows feature either a glass coffee table or side tables in the living room where you can watch the sea life swim about in the water below. Our bungalow had glass-topped coffee tables that opened up so that you could actually feed the colourful tropical fish.  There were also viewing panels in the bathroom next to the deep soaker tub and on the deck.  Probably, the best part about the Overwater Bungalow was the two-tiered deck that was yours to enjoy privately during your entire stay.  Two loungers were provided along with a table and chairs and we were able to spend most of our time lounging on the deck and jumping directly into the water from the lower deck when we got too warm.  The lower deck even came with a shower to rinse off after your swim.  This is the ultimate in romantic experiences in the most spectacular location and we would highly recommend it for any couples looking for that unique, special destination.

T.A.: How do you keep the romance alive while traveling?
E.&T. : Traveling can be stressful, particularly when you are trying to see many cities and sights in a small time frame.  We try to slow things down and do at least one romantic thing in every city that we visit.  Whether it is as simple as having a picnic in a park, such as in The Parc du Champs de Mars in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower, or going out for a nice dinner, we really try to focus on us as a couple.  We believe that although it is important to see all of the history of a city, we also want to experience something cultural that is special to that city.  It is usually in figuring this out, that we find out how to add romance to our trip.  We believe that it is these types of memories that will endure as time passes. We also don’t take for granted how lucky we are to be able to experience these great sights, cities, etc. with the person we love the most in the world.  We take the time to appreciate everything with each other!

T.A.: How do you plan your next trip?
E.&T. : We love to travel and always have a long list of where we want to go next. Most often, we look into the list of options that we come up with and do research to see which place excites us the most. We believe that it is important to do the things you really want to do as soon as you can, because you never know if you will get another chance. When we have determined which place is next on our list, we determine how long and how much we need to save to make the trip happen (we saved for two years for a trip to Europe in 2010).  As we save up, we research our options extensively. We believe in knowing all the options and the different prices for flights, hotels, activities, etc. As a result, we have managed to get some great deals on our trips.  It has also helped us discover some fantastic experiences we would not have known about otherwise. Lastly, we ask people who have been to the destinations we are going to for their favourite activities in that destination. There is no better advice than someone with first-hand experience. Once we are in the city, we also consult locals to find out if there is anything that we are not aware of that is an absolute must-see or must-do.

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If you have any further questions about Travels4Couples, please leave them in the comments box below. I want to thank Evan & Tracy for this interview and for this friendly chat. Hope your new journey will be awesome, as in Bora Bora! 

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