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The Yosemite Project
Inspired to capture time

A collaborative project by Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty. Sheldon and Colin have teamed up to film Yosemite National Park like NEVER before. When I saw this video, on Vimeo, I was so fascinated! Landscapes are amazing and the word is not enough to describe the work of the Yosemite Project's team...

Take a moment to watch this, it's spectacular!

Treasure Autor: How much time did the project run?
Neill: “We thought it would take a weekend or maybe 5 days. But we realized the footage was amazing. So what was supposed to be a weekend, turned into multiple trips totaling 19 days of shooting in Yosemite and three-and-a-half months of work.”

T.A.: Why this poject?
Neill: “There’s no video that could show you everything in Yosemite. It’s hard to describe the place, or even put it into words. We wanted to create something that would showcase the entire place, not just one location. To show someone how beautiful Yosemite is, and to inspire people to go again, and relive the experience. It’s an awesome place to relax. Just being there in general, I could be doing nothing and enjoy myself because I’m in pure serenity.””

Amazing project to follow on 
their website, facebook page and Twitter.

You can also watch this documentary, by Dalton Runberg.

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