How studying abroad has changed my life...

Need to learn, to live, to change your way of life?

I believe the best way to start a professional life is to have an experience abroad. Why? What may well have also that there is not here? What do you flee? It has nothing to do with a leak or an abandonment. It's a positive act, that you will change you forever.

Studying abroad will make the world yours for the discovery. Once you're studying abroad, international education and opportunities in your career will be presented to you. By studying abroad you'll not only be significant and gaining necessary qualifications for your area of study, you'll be gaining valuable communication skills. You'll meet people and make friends with persons from different backgrounds many, you'll improve your language skills and your CV will really stand out when you're studying abroad.

Studying abroad, for any period of time, is a highly rewarding experience. Students returning from a study abroad programme frequently describe their experience as ‘life-changing’. Studying abroad can have a profound effect on how you view the world and your place within it. It takes you out of your comfort zone and continuously challenges you. As an individual, you will develop independence and self-reliance. Indeed, the experiences and skills you develop abroad will help you mature both personally and academically, and will improve your career prospects.

To be competitive in today's globalized world, international experience is critically important. You can enhance your degrees. Months of studying abroad will almost certainly be advantageous to your future career. Employers place a great value on adaptability, flexibility and the ability to communicate well with people from different cultures. Students who have spent time working or studying overseas usually develop these skills and can demonstrate them to employers. The demand for international experience amongst employers and graduate schools is likely to continue. In the coming century, more students will want international educational opportunities as part of their preparation for careers in business.

Meet people whose culture may seem so far from yours. Finally, if it was what you were looking for. Learn the customs of others, what they believe and why they do certain things so different beliefs that you learned from your childhood. There is no better school of life that the sharing and exchange between people. Nothing, that you haven't learned from school textbooks, is so similar to what you find when you can immerse yourself in a culture.

The school, where I studied.
«Finding your way

Finally, it allows me to be writing this article for you, for those who may want to change your life and give answers to these existential questions that everyone asks at one point in your life. Build your life and be able to talk about things seen and experienced, rather than to speak and criticize without really knowing what we are talking about. I been addicted to travel after this experience abroad, and this opened my eyes on the Worldwide and how people are amazing.
Studying abroad can be an exciting opportunity to discover another country and immerse yourself in a culture much different than your own. However, studying abroad isn't cheap, espacially depending on where you choose to travel. In your new country, you'll need money for classes, housing, food, transportation, and much more. So take your time, before going abroad. Time to think about it and what it will really add to your future life. Time to collect enough money. Time to plan your trip for the next months. Be patient, good things come to those who wait! Cela fait aussi partie du projet.

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Studying abroad was the experience which change my life. Let you a chance to leave the life you really want, for that ask you two simple questions: 
  • Do I live what I want? 
  • What kind of act I will be proud of, in years?

Tell us about your own experience abroad... (comment below)

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