How to choose the Best Economy seat?

Traveling begin hours before your final destination. 

According to the Airport Council International, 5 billion people each year travel by plane. Every second 158 people fly somewhere in the world. The ACI noted that areas where passenger traffic has grown the most are the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East. The airports, the busiest according to figures of the ACI is the Atlanta airport, which recorded 89.3 million passengers in 2010 followed by one in Beijing with 73.9 million passengers. So it is essential to book a great seat because most of the time your journey will run for hours. It will be the first part of your trip. Start with a good impression is paramount to your nerves and those of people with you.

Most of us can't offered this luxury 1st class "seat", so we must be smart and find the best seat at the best price!
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Select the Best flight...
Most of the time, had carried out several daily connections, so you can choose what aircraft you fly. I give you the example of my last booking. I had a choice between a B767 and A380, for the same price! For those who do not know these two models here is a view of cabins. I opted for the A380 because its capacity is more important than those of the B767 and it is more recent, so all the material and quality of facilities should be better. But mostly you don't know if the plane is two years or six years old. I already travel on an A380, and it's true that there is more leg room between seats than in most other planes.

Before to book, think to check if there are other possibilities with other planes, to have a chance to make a better flight.

Use your experience...
You have probably already travel by plane so you know were you feel better: front, on the wings, behind, right side, left side, on the middle, side window. Use this to find your best location on board. As for the passengers who airsickness or phobias of the aircraft, the seats on the wings are the most recommended: turbulence will have been less felt. To sleep better also, avoid the last rows of each zone (first, business or economic). They are leaning against the walls of separation, making the seat angle impossible.

Book early...
If you want to have a large choose, book your ticket months before D-Day. You will have more chance to find THE seat. Also, best deals can be made earlier. The best seats are taken in the first reservations and people take them sometimes one year early, so don't loose a minute if you know that you will travel in few months.
It is pretty hard to choose a seat, but some websites guide us. In 2001, Matthew Daimler launched with a single color-coded graphical interactive airplane cabin. During these trips, he found large differences between airline seats, so he decided to collect useful information on the various seats of airlines, and to share it with other travelers. More than ten million visitors later, SeatGuru has enjoyed incredible success and has expanded to include over 700 aircraft seatmaps nearly 100 different airlines. In 2007, SeatGuru was purchased by Sharing the common goal of finding the truth of travelers, SeatGuru and TripAdvisor work together to bring you the most up to date on this destination. Each plane has its own configuration, and each company may request specific accommodations. This explains why not all have the same density or the same distribution of seats. First step, tracking. Internet is a valuable ally matter, since all companies displayed their fleet, allowing a priori whether the flight will take place on a Boeing 777 or Airbus A320. I used to use this site to compare different aircraft and it can definitely help to find the Best seat!

Last resort, courtesy: it is always possible to appeal to the understanding of other passengers to swap seats on board and make a good flight.
Source: via Treasure on Pinterest

I wish you a good flight, sitting on your best seat!

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