How to rent the PERFECT car?

Most of the time, when I am planning to travel in a foreigner country, I want to explore by my own the different places where I'm going. In order to do this, only one way: rent a car. When you have a car you have more possibility, you leave and return when you want. It's Freedom!
So, it's important to rent the good car for the good trip! This car will be your friend for most of your RoadTrip and you have to choose her carefully and without jumping a step!

Steps to not pass over ...

You know how much people will be in the car so rent in fonction of this first fact. Rentals can offer you a large range of vehicle as for family, sportive, even mini-bus; but only one will answer perfectly to your needs. Note that the number of people and luggage shown is for guidance. The total space for suitcases depends on the number of passengers in the vehicle.

What is the purpose of your trip? Do you spend 2h per week on your car or 4h per day? What kind of road will you take? Mountain roads, beach roads, desertic roads? Level of confort is important, but more important if you want to make a roadtrip several days and then spend a large set of your trip in your car. Your budget car will be a very important pole in your trip.

Cars, I saw in Florida.
Travel still need to be conscious of your budget. The "car" is often one of the most expensive part and it must be taken into account. Before you book, make a summary of your trip expenses and see what you have as a budget for renting a car. You will stand very easily among all these offers rentals and you will book in the best conditions.

How to book a car? What information do I need?

Choose. There are a lot of rental so do not hesitate to compare the fare and ask quotes in your area (family, friends, colleagues). My advice is to rent to a local company, it's always less expensive. I mean there rent in a business in the country where you go (born in the country). Choose one that guarantees unlimited mileage, it will be very useful in your escapades unforeseen, believe me!

Book. Nowadays, it is very easy to book via internet but nothing prevents you to go to the store or call the rental agency, but for my part I prefer to use this tool because I can take the time to compare see exactly what I buy and print my file location just a few clicks. Some agencies offer you pre-pay online directly, then you get a  large discount (but you can choose to pay on D-Day, when you pick up your car).

Select the pickup and dropoff location. Complete with your travel dates and here we go, some possibilities appear!

Choose the car that responds to all your needs (see above), and add to the shopping cart. Chose a good insurance which will run all the damages that you could have. Each rental are different so compare and add one.

Add some options. Depending on the car rental company you've chosen, you may have the option to request special equipment with your vehicle: booster Seat, Infant Seat, Child/toddler Seat, Gps Navigation Device, Collision Damage Waiver Full, Extended Protection, Return Fuel at any level... If so, the car company will validate these requests upon rental car pickup.

Pre-paid or just print your voucher and paid on the D-Day.

Plans change all the time. If you need to change your car rental reservation, or even just take a look to double-check the details, you can access your reservation with the confirmation number they e-mailed you. You will then be able to confirm your rental information or cancel and rebook another car if necessary. 

Do I need a special licence?
In some countries, having  an International Driving Permit allows you to drive. However, the validity of this permit is pretty short. If you go for a (very) long term, you must take the necessary steps to obtain a local license. Valid in over 150 countries, the permit contains your name, photo and driver information and translated into 10 foreign languages.

Hope that will help you, in your next rental!

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