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Designed for people who want to go traveling in English speaking countries and do not necessarily master the local dialect, Word Lens will be able to translate signs and label in different languages. In fact, it will translate from French to English (& vice versa), English into Spanish into Italian, and again, vice versa. If you are fluent in English and you need a little help in Spain or Italy, the application will also help you. 

WordLens uses text recognition to work out what the word or phrase is, and then automatic translation software translates it into the new language.

Instantly translate printed words using your built-in video camera, in real time! 
(PLEASE NOTE: language packs must be purchased separately from within the app.)

Word Lens was chosen as a finalist for the 2010 Crunchies Best Technology Achievement awards.

Not every phrase translated in the app is grammatically correct with mangled English such as 'Recent attack of shark' and 'Tongue Bolivian with a sauce spicy of anchovies' resulting from literal translation. But the speed and accuracy of the app's software is still good enough to make sense of simple road signs or restaurant menus.


Have you ever try it? ...Useful?

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