#TBEX, why sould you join?

Most of you could know what is TBEX, but for some who don't, there is a quick recap...

Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) is the place where bloggers share their journey. It's a community of new media travel writers (more than 6,000 members), you can share your blog, pictures, experiences and to ask questions. 

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You can also join travel groups and speak about some specific staff with other bloggers:

TBEX is not only an online community, this is also a good way to meet bloggers and most known speakers. Tbex team organise two big events per year: one in North America and one in EuropeWorkshops are held throughout the days to help bloggers hone their skills, travel industry and tourism board representatives are on hand to form new partnerships. Moreover, the evenings are filled with lots of activities showcasing the hosting region.
I was in Girona last week, #incostabrava. The show was amazing and conferences were so interesting and useful for bloggers as me. So, what you sould come and take part of TBEX community? I give you some keys...

#1st: Great speakers

#2nd: Meet people "in real"
With new social medias it's easy to interact with people but it's better to meet them in real to see if they are really what they share, no? 
Sometimes, when I talk about my blog to people around me, they don't really understand how, why and is it your real job? At Tbex, you are in family! all around you know how blogging is essential in your life and they are here to share their feeling and to learn how to improve it. It's the perfect place to make new friendship and meet the best person to create your community.

#3rd: Visit a new place

#4th: Plan new trips
Travel industry and tourism board representatives are on hand to form new partnerships. This is the best place to find the right place to visit for the next mouths. Also the travel bloggers community could give you advice about their own experience, so you'll travel more confident and safety.

#5th: Mesure your potential
After exchanging for a little over two days with bloggers, professionals and sponsors, you will be aware to know where you'll go and where you'll need to go as a travel blogger.

>>What's next?
Next #Tbex event will take place in Toronto, Canada, on June 1-2, 2013. Conferences will be to the Allstream Centre for two days of great educational programming for digital content creators. Registration is already opened.

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2 Responses to “#TBEX, why sould you join?”

  1. It was great to meet you in Girona.
    There were some amazing travel bloggers there.
    Will you go to Toronto next year? ;)

    1. No, I don't think so... Yes it'was great to meet other french bloggers in this american event! ;-)


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