FRIDAY'S GUEST ITW: Harriet Ward, photographer (pro tips)

Harriet Ward is a London photographer who mostly focus on cityscapes and landscapes, always in search of the best photo. She is also addicted to shoot Panorama's and travel. Harriet was kind to let me post a photo essay of her work. So to know more about her story, have a look...

Treasure of Travelers: Why did you start photography? 

Harriet Ward:"I started photography because I love being able to capture a moment in a photograph. That moment then lasts forever. My mind is automatically thinking about photo opportunities all the time. I don’t realise I’m doing it sometimes but I’ll be walking along and constantly be seeing ‘snapshots’ and things that I want to capture and share. I love telling a story with my photos too – especially while travelling."

"Christmas in New York" - by Harriet Ward

TA: How What are you looking for when you take a photo?

HW: "I love pattern and perspective in photos. Something that draws your eye in and makes you look twice. I love architecture so I enjoy photographing architectural details on buildings. It’s good to look at a well-known building and take a photo of a smaller feature on it, or a take a photo from an unusual angle. Colour is another thing I look for. At the moment I’m taking a lot of photos of the Autumn colours."

"Millennium Park, Chicago" - by Harriet Ward

"Notting Hill" - by Harriet Ward
TA: What equipment do you use & recommend? 

HW: "I use four cameras. My main one is a Canon 60D SLR. Sometimes this camera is too cumbersome though for certain situations so I also use an Olympus compact. This year I started experimenting with Lomography and using film again. For that I use a Lomography Fisheye 2. The last camera that I use is on my phone – an HTC. It’s convenient for taking quick shots and I love the instagram app too. I would recommend using any camera you have. It’s not about having fancy equipment.
If you wanted to turn professional then you would probably want to invest in a DSLR but in the meantime whatever equipment you have available at that particular moment in time is perfect.

TA: Could you site one of your favorite places to take photos? 

HW: My favourite place to photograph is New York. The opportunities are endless. I love photographing everything from the Empire State Building to the food displays in Zabar’s Deli. Last year I tried to photograph the less obvious subjects. One photo I took was of two pedicab drivers chatting in between doing tours in Central Park. Another photo I took was of people doing their Christmas shopping in Bloomingdales.

"Big Ben, Palace of Westminster" - by Harriet Ward

TA: TOP3 essentials advice for beginners?

HW: Top 3 pieces of advice… 

- The first would be to not worry about having expensive equipment. Even cheaper cameras now can still produce some decent quality photographs. When you travel it isn’t always practical to take a large camera, tripod etc. As long as you have a camera which you are happy with and confident using (maybe your phone, a compact or a bridge camera) then that is absolutely fine.

- My second piece of advice would be to always back-up your photos onto a memory stick or hard drive. I’ve learnt this the hard way! You really don’t want to lose your fantastic photos of the Rio Carnival or whale watching in New Zealand. Back-up regularly while travelling.

- My third would be to practise as much as possible. The beauty of digital now is that you can easily delete all the photos you aren’t happy with. Practise taking photos in different lights, in different locations and of different subject matters. The more you practise it will help you decide what you like photographing the most. But mostly, have fun and enjoy your photography.

"Cape Cod Sunrise" - by Harriet Ward

You can find all her work on her website and also on twitter. Do not hesitate to contact Harriet for good advice and professional requests. So if you have any further questions about Harriet Ward, please leave it in the comments box below or go to her website.

To conclude, Harriet with your contribution, you increased the pool of Treasure of Travelers' interviews and I want to thank you for this interview and for your kindness. For sure, your next essay will be awesome, and I'm waiting to see it on Harriet Ward Photography

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