London for Christmas Time?

Christmas is not so far, now, and you maybe need to escape in a foreign country in order to have beautiful moments. Christmas time is the BEST time! 
If you want to have a glimpse of the most British city in the World, at Christmas Time, you have to read this.

I'm on my way to win a special competition French bloggers, on If you have a facebook account, you can VOTE for me, and so discover the true British Extravaganza, seen by my eyes and felt by my heart!

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This is the translation of what I wrote for Expedia:

"What's more conducive, to explore an European capital, that the Christmas period?

Discover, through Expedia, mythical places such as Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, Tower of London ... and many others. 
Marvel at the top of the London Eye before sailing over the Thames. 
Drip english to touch many dishes during a romantic dinner in the heart of London. 
Do not miss the magic of Christmas Markets London, which will delight sure to blow their sides SO BRITISH!

In short, a weekend, enjoy the wonder, culture and scenery like never before!  ..."

>> How to do? Click on "VOTER POUR CE VOYAGE" (vote for this travel)

Only for french particpants: you can win 750€, to spend on, just with your contact information at the end of the vote. This can be a good way to escape for cheap this year!

At this time I'm on the TOP3, but I need your votes because the contest ends on Wednesday, November 28 - So don't wait and vote for my vision of London!

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And of course, if I win - I will share my London trip in english and in french on my blog & ...

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