About me

Discover the world in search of different cultures, different visions of life.

Here's what motivates me to share with you my discoveries, my favorites and my failures!

In all humility, I will share my travels. Everything on this blog is only my opinion and you may not like, and I respect that, while also respecting and sharing the work of others.

If you are lucky enough to get away, make the most of every moment of every minute spent there
Wherever, you will never return as beforeThe enrichment gained during my travels have allowed me to see the world differently and you also allow you to love it even more and want to protect it.

The World is a book, hose who do not travel, could see only the first page...
Believe in you and your dreams will come true!

Don't wait for the perfect moment.
Take the moment and Make it perfect!

Thank you in advance to spend some time reading my blog.


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