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 What's in my travel bag?  the most important things

First, you must search information about the country you will be in. To do that, I bought guidebooks, but not just any. Some of them are very useful and not so expensive because you will keep throughout the journey with you ! So, before buying one, read a few pages in order to know if you like it

Of course, you will not do all the things mentioned, but it is better to have a support like this because you will not able to forget something!

Antibacterial wipes, the most important for me! The numbers of passengers has increased excessively for years. we can go from country to country but we also transport our germs with us. So we must protect ourselves and the other in the same way! You can buy at any drug store or department stores for a few dollars (in bottle - beware of items allowed in the cabin - or wipes).

Provident is the key word! Take pills for the headache, the motion sickness, stomach ache or another, depending on your needs. Better to have its own set of drugs and have no need to buy locally at the risk of not finding what will work on our health..

This is essential on a trip, because it is thanks to this little box, full of technology, that we will be able to bring back many memories. Regardless of whether you have a Bridge, a Compact, a Reflex or a disposable camera, the most important thing is to capture the moment! Of course, disposable cameras will not allow you to process and use pictures as well as with a digital camera.  

Nowadays, few people still have this kind of camera but I must say that disposable waterproof cameras can be very useful and cheaper than a digital waterproof or waterproof box.
Do not forget the power cables of your camera, to charge it as you will need! Buy a good memory card or take with you a small laptop to empty your device if needed (I usually do this).

To share with others, it is great with an IPhone, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...
For my part, I use my Cyber-shot by Sony and my IPhone 4 (it makes gorgeous pictures).

To know the capacity of your memory card.

Of course, you always have to have with you your passport and all booking information.  
Moreover, I advise you to scan all of them, before departure, and send them to an email address (which will be easier to keep with you rather than having to many papers).

 Oh, LOOK!! What I saw when I did my research on the internet ... Funny!

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